Common Notary Mistakes

Common notary mistakes or errors on documents submitted to receive Authentication/Apostilles:


1 There is not a notary acknowledgement located under the signers signature on the document.

2 No date of notarization

3 No notary signature

4 No affiant signature

5 No notary seal

6 Photocopy/scan of notarized document or certified record (MUST be original to receive Authentication Certificate/Apostille)

7 Notary made a Certified Copy of a recordable document (a prohibited act)

8 Notary acknowledgement is in the body of the document

9 No Country requested

10 The notary & the translator are the same person, a notary is never allowed to witness his/her own signature

11 Forgot to include at least a copy of the original document that was translated (you may also use the original).

12 What is on the notary's seal does not match the information on SOS's records. You can check this information for FREE before you send your documents at:

and for more information to avoid common notary mistakes

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